How to configure UnveilTech TorrentBox.

1 - In the Settings menu select "Torrent" tab
  1. Define Maximal Download Speed and Maximal Upload Speed to preferred values.
  2. Set Maximal Peers per file to the value that fit best your users needs.
  3. Select Sources of Files that will be used during download process.
  4. Do NOT enable the button Files Processing at this stage yet.
2 - Go to the tab "Limiters"
  1. Define Minimal Size and Maximal Size to preferred values.
  2. Set Not older than to the value that fit best your users needs.
  3. Select Minimal Seeders, Minimal Leechers and Minimal Completed for download process.
3 - Define Black and White Keyword Filters
List of Black keywords List of White keywords
  • Keywords are exclusive rules.
  • Examples based on those Keywords.
    • Will be ignored titles containing "18+" or "brazzer" or "xxx"
    • Will be only accepted titles containing "hindi"
  • Keywords are non-sensitives.
4 - Preview List of Files that will be processed
  • Preview dialog box shows list of files that will be downloaded by Files Processing according to your settings.
  • Seeders, Leechers and Completed can not be correctly defined at this stage as values depend on existing peers.
5 - Additional Settings
  • Define Communication Port to use with UnveilTech TorrentBox.
  • Wait 60 seconds and verify if the Port is Open.
  • Use Blocklist Protection only when users are downloading infected files in P2P.
6 - Start Files Processing
Once all settings are done you can enable Files Processing and your UnveilTech TorrentBox will start within the next 5 minutes.